Single Use Dosing

Single use dosingThe PreVAS family of aseptic single use dosing systems by Bosch represents a new chapter in dosing system technology. PreVAS is the first completely pre-assembled, pre-sterilized and pre-validated dosing system available for the clinical and production pharmaceutical and biotech filling market. This allows risk free scale up of filling operations in a single use format.

Prevas removes several risk factors from your filling operation.  There is no more need for complicated cleaning procedures and validation protocols.  The entire system is quickly installed and operational in a fraction of the time that previous systems required.  The product is completely contained in the system reducing operator exposure to products.

  • Reduced risk, A new system for each batch means there is no risk of cross contamination and no risk of improperly cleaned parts.
  • Reduced Validation, pre-validated parts reduce the validation burden on your staff.
  • Reduced costs, The cost of a dosing system is less than the cost of the labor time and materials involved in cleaning a traditional system.
  • Increased productivity, with quicker changeover time between batches your facility remains productive for more hours of the day.
  • Reduced resource consumption, no need for cleaning means no autoclave, steam, labor used in cleaning procedures.
  • Improved operator safety, greatly reduced exposure of product to operators.
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