New Peristaltic Pump with Disposable Tubing System

  • Offset rollers provide low pulsation and guarantees dosage accuracy
  • Filling capability ranges from 0.1 milliliter to 30 milliliters
  • Precision roller alignment ensure long tubing life

The new peristaltic pump system from Bosch Packaging Technology, one of the leading suppliers of complete systems for packaging and processing technology, enables high filling accuracy and cost effectiveness in pharmaceutical applications. Ideal for filling syringes, vials and other containers for liquid drugs, the system consists of peristaltic pumps and a disposable tubing system that are fully integrated with a filling machine control system, drive and controllers. With a filling range of 0.1 milliliter to 30 milliliters, Bosch’s peristaltic pump system enables significant production flexibility, including the ability to handle even smaller filling volumes.

Offset alignment of the pump rollers guarantees a low pulsation volumetric flow for highly accurate dosing results. Greater production efficiency is also achieved through the optimized roller alignment, which reduces the strain on the tubing to permit longer periods of use.

By using disposable tubing, the new peristaltic pump system ensures product quality by eliminating the risk of cross contamination and reduces downtime associated with product changeovers by streamlining the changeover process. The pump can be easily opened and closed to facilitate one-handed tubing exchange, increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and ease of operation.

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