TL Large 8 Pump Preventative Kits Available

Preventative Maintenance kits for your TL large 8 pump fillers are available.

At Bosch Packaging Technology, we understand the importance of a good preventative maintenance program. Such a program requires the routine replacement of certain wear parts. We have identified the bearings, shafts, seals, and other parts which we recommend replacing at regular intervals to keep your machines running at peak performance.


We are offering both minor and major PM kits for our large 8 pump fillers.

Please reference this file for further details on the PM kits.

We have kits developed to perform preventative maintenance on most other components on your machine, which can be obtained upon request.

Complete machine overhauls are also available.

If you would like additional information regarding PM kits, rebuilds, or available upgrades, don’t hesitate to contact any of our support representatives at Bosch Packaging Services at 763-424-4700.

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