Capsule Filling Technical Tip: Alignment of Upper to Lower Segments

Expertise Series

By Dave Bethel,
Bosch Packaging Services

Alignment of the upper to lower segments is critical for proper capsule separation.  Poor capsule separation results in lower yields, which influence your bottom line.

One aspect of alignment that is commonly overlooked is the parallelism of the upper and lower segments on all of the GKF’s, and the center to center of the lower segment carriers on the newer GKF’s.


When the parallelism of the upper and lower segments is not perfect, it may still be possible to align the segments closely.  However, the alignment procedure takes much longer, and the capsules will not separate as easily when the segments become dirty, compared to a perfect alignment.

In order to minimize your set-up time and maximize your yields, you need to start with segment carriers that are perfectly aligned, which will result in easy-to-align segments that are 100% perfect in parallelism and lateral alignment.

In the past, this was accomplished with an adjustable parallel which was cumbersome and could not hold the segment carrier securely enough during tightening.  We have since come up with fixtures that will allow you to easily set this critical adjustment perfectly every time.

Bosch Packaging Services has alignment fixtures for segment carriers available for most all DMW and GKF capsule filling machines.

Please use the links below for more information on the various fixtures that are available to make segment carrier alignment easy and accurate.

Alignment Tools for Lower Segment Carrier
Alignment Tool for Upper Segment Carrier

And, as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 763-424-4700.

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