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Here is a technical tip for properly aligning the segment turret and the dosing turret with respect to each other, resulting in proper transfer station alignment.

Whenever you need to re-align the segment turret because of removal for maintenance or because of a crash, the most accurate method involves using special transfer station alignment pins available from Bosch (see info below). The importance of proper transfer station alignment, is that all other alignments use this as a reference point. Aligning the segment turret by “eye balling” the closing or ejection pins in the center of the segments will get you close, but not perfect.


The special alignment pins from Bosch have two diameters that fit precisely in the lower segment and the dosing disc. Begin by placing the two transfer station alignment pins in opposite corners of the lower segment at station four. Index the machine so the lower segment with the alignment pins is at the transfer station. Loosen the segment turret and the dosing disc. When alignment is close enough place the 3mm screws through the dosing disc and thread into the alignment pins. Fine adjust the segment turret and dosing disc until the two alignment pins can be pulled smoothly into the dosing disc. This perfectly aligns the transfer station. The segment turret and the dosing disc are then tightened. Push the alignment pins back down into the lower segment and remove the 3mm screws.

Because this is the perfect alignment reference, you then can check your tamping station alignment with the dosing disc alignment pins through the tamping pin guide ring. If the disc does not line up perfectly do not loosen and move it, as this defeats the entire purpose of the transfer station alignment. To adjust the tamping station alignment, loosen and move the tamping columns until the dosing disc alignment pins drop in all locations. At this point your machine is back to Bosch factory specifications, resulting in more accurate dosing.

*Remember to remove all the alignment pins when finished.


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