Advantages of Bosch GKF 2500 as compared to the GKF 1200/1500

GKF 2500

It’s no secret that the GKF 1500 is a robust, tried and true capsule filling machine proven by continued use in our  industry. The current model, the GKF 2500, has proven worthy to follow in these footsteps. With a new design comes an advantage – efficiency – not more-with-less but more-with-more. More speed with more bores running more cycles per minute. More user friendly set-up, more accessibility with a more GMP-minded design. More filling options, more  flexibility, and more yield.


GKF 2500

GKF 2500 output up to 150,000/hr running powder or pellets

GKF 1500

GKF 1500 output up to 90,000/hr running powder

These images show the evolution in design. Above, rounded edges and rounded table top for easier cleaning. Right, the segment turret runs without an upper cam, simplifying maintenance and reducing cleaning and disassembly times.

Segment Turrets

GKF 2500 segment turret compared to GKF 1500 segment turret

GKF 2500 Powder or Pellet Station

GKF 2500 powder (or pellet) station (click picture for closer view)

GKF 1500 powder station

GKF 1500 powder station (click picture for enhanced view)

The GKF 2500 powder dosing system has a familiar architecture and works with the same basic principle as the GKF 1500. The big improvement came with slide gates. Slide gates allow for improved capability with difficult powders and the ability to run pellets in the “powder” bowl at full speed, not to mention improved filling accuracy and reduced product waste. GKF 2500 capabilities: powder, pellets, tablets/mini-tablets, liquid, micro-dosing, containment for potent compounds, and intermittent & 100% checkweigh with automatic dosing adjustment.

GKF 2500 patented slide gates

GKF 2500 patented slide gates rotate with the dosing disk (not shown) to improve fill accuracy and reduce waste powder

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