Bosch offers the GKF 702, continuing the success of the GFK 701 capsule filling machine for R&D and pilot-scale filling applications

GKF 702
  • A solution for liquids, tablets, pellets, and powders
  • Innovative, expandable platform for future filling stations
  • Flexible usage for pharmaceutical development

At Interpack 2011 Bosch Packaging Technology presented the GKF 702 capsule filling machine, which will replace the previous GKF 701 model. With the GKF 702, customers can expect the same flexibility and user-friendliness that was a mainstay of the GKF 701 for the past 8 years.

To keep up with the demands of the modern pharmaceutical industry, the GKF 702 has been designed to be able to produce small batches right in the laboratory.  The production parameters required later, like the machine speed, can be fully simulated. Therefore, the machine is able to produce small batches for R&D or clinical purposes under realistic production conditions. For laboratory use we developed the so-called “Mini-Bowl” – a specially designed filling station for small product batches between 100 and 300 ml, which allows for higher powder yields. This is especially suitable for expensive and limited powder volumes during the development phase, providing a very economic filling solution. For the GKF 702, the “slide-gate“ system, from the GKF 1400/2500 series, is available upon request, providing significantly higher batch yields and the option of filling free-flowing granulates or pellets via the powder station.

The GKF 702 is a “future-proof” machine, because its modular design gives you the possibility to always re-tool the machine for any new filling needs you may have in the future and any new developments from Bosch will be compatible with this machine type.  As an example, the micro-dosing station on the GKF 2500 will soon also be available for the GKF 702. Also, the user-friendliness, the ergonomics, and the accessibility of the existing GKF 701 have been transferred to the GKF 702 and improved. Format parts from the GKF 700 and 701, with the exception of the dosing disk in combination with the “slide-gate” system, can be used on the GKF 702. The new design includes an industrial PC (IPC) which is 21 CFR part 11 compliant and features a 17” touchscreen HMI. Various interfaces like LAN, USB, and a DVD burner, make the batch documentation easier to access.

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