Utilization of Bosch Peristaltic Pumps

Bosch Packaging Technology offers the Pharmaceutical  industry a new way to make an efficient, safe and user friendly production with a new peristaltic pump. Boscny key advantages, especially when integrated with a disposable filling system. However, even for traditional filling, this pump is gentle for shear sensitive products.  The pump is available in two sizes: for fills from less than 1 up to 30ml, and a larger pump for up to 500ml.  The compact pump is made primarily of stainless steel and is ergonomically optimized for single handed tubing exchange. The offset arrangement of the rollers reduces flow pulsations increasing precision and also reduces stress on the tubing.


The pump is available in three versions: as a dedicated dosing pump with one dosing range, as a push-button detachable pump head to interchange heads for different dosing ranges, and thirdly a special design for sterilization in an autoclave. The most impressive feature of the Bosch pump is the pivoting pump head cover which allows the pump to be opened without tools while the head is hinged so it can pivot away without removal. Therefore the operator can open the pump with one hand, change the tubing and close the pump.

For more flexibility and wider use of the peristaltic pumps, and use with existing systems, Bosch offers their customers a moveable pump trolley filling station with a built-in control system and servo drives. The peristaltic pump technology is a well known and established dosing system.

The system is simple and eliminates product contact except for the tubing, therefore it does not require demanding cleaning and sterilization processes. The unique features of the Bosch pump head design provides for remarkably tight fill  accuracies, with  no wear parts or adjustments.

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