TechnoPharm 2011: New Developments Underline the Leading Position of Bosch Packaging Technology

  • Process technology portfolio expanded
  • Filter skid builds an interface between the process and filling
  • Tailored solutions for disposable filling systems from a single source

At TechnoPharm 2011, in Nürnberg, Germany, Bosch Packaging Technology will underline its position as a leading supplier of pharmaceutical process and packaging systems with the expansion of its “one-stop-shopping”-concept and various new developments.  The products from the German company Hüttlin GmbH as well as the British company Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd, formerly Manesty, will be presented in Hall 5, booth 5-346.  With the acquisition of both companies, which the anti-trust authorities have approved without conditions, Bosch continues to expand its portfolio of pharmaceutical process technology.  Hüttlin, based in Schopfheim, Germany, manufactures special systems for the drying and granulation of pharmaceutical powders.  Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd., formerly Manesty, based in Knowsley, Great Britain, is specialized in tablet presses and coating.  At TechnoPharm 2011, the Manesty XSPress rotary laboratory tablet press as well as the Mycromix fast-mixing granulator and the Unilab fluidizing bed system from Hüttlin will be displayed.

With the XSPress, research and development values, like the compressibility of a product, can be determined.  The XSPress is the ideal design for a later scale-up to production.  Due to its integrated rollers, it can be placed in small production rooms for the production of small batches.

The Mycromix fast-mixing granulator consists of a bottom drive mechanism and is especially suitable for organic processes.  Thanks to the exchangeable container and the easy-to-operate exchange mechanism, the Mycromix is ideally suited for laboratory use.  The Unilab with its transparent glass cylinder allows for optimal control of processes.  The reliable and reproducible results from the Unilab can be transferred to production equipment using the NexStep scale-up software.

With the new filter skid from the process equipment manufacturer and clean media specialist Bosch Pharmatec, Bosch underlines its competence as a provider of comprehensive solutions for process and packaging technology.  The filter skid was developed as an interface between the process formulation system and the filling machine of a combination line and is well suited for connection to different filling machinery due to its mobile rack design.  To transport the final product as gently as possible, the transfer is made using compressed air.  The sterile cascade consists of a special interface for online integration tests and is completely CIP (Cleaning In Place), SIP (Sterilizing In Place) and DIP (Drying In Place) capable.  The entire unit can be connected to all current interface points for clean media supply and waste water disposal, both mechanically and in reference to the control system.

Reduced cleaning and downtime during production
At the exhibition, Bosch will also present the “PreVAS” concept for disposable filling systems.  “As a system provider we would like to offer our customers a ready-to-install well qualified and validatable solution,” explained Product Manager Klaus Ullherr about the PreVAS methodology.  The advantages of exchangeable filling systems, such as lowered cleaning and downtime during production, extremely reduced sterilization requirements and the prevention of cross contamination are obvious.  Bosch offers with their solution answers to open questions regarding interfaces, qualification and validation.

Also featured at the show will be the successful Bosch peristaltic pump which permits a tool-less and single-handed tubing change especially well suited to isolators.  This pump is available, not only for volumes up to 500 milliliters, but also in an autoclavable version with a removable pump head and connections made from PEAK plastics.

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