Tablet Press Tech Tip – Material Loss

Expertise Series

Submitted by Peter Bradley
In these days when every cent counts, it’s important to keep material loss to a minimum on your tablet press machine.  So, what can you do?


  1. Ensure that the correct fill cam is being used.  Most materials have a compression ratio of 2 to 1.  For example, if the tablet being produced has a final thickness of 3.5mm, you should use a fill cam of around 8mm or slightly more.  Check the manual for the nearest size available.
  2. Check that the scraper blade is in good condition and correctly fitted.  It should be free to move up and down.
  3. Check the feeder pan for wear and also check the clearance between the pan and the turret die plate.
  4. Make sure that all of the dies are level with the die plate.
  5. If your turret die plate is grooved, think about replacement.

The simple checks above can help reduce material loss.

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