RFID Secure Access

Easy, quick, keyless and secure HMI access
Bosch has developed a solution to allow quick and secure access to your HMI system without the hassle of having to manually log in. A Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) transceiver is used to exchange data with a data carrier (TAG). The transceiver communicates directly to a programmable gateway to allow for reading and writing operations to the RFID tag(s) with encrypted data so that the tags cannot be decoded by other RFID systems. The gateway is typically mounted inside of the HMI enclosure and connected to the system by way of Ethernet cable.

In cases of CFR 21 Part 11 systems where electronic signatures are required, the RFID system can be embedded to the secured and verified write operations so that the user does not need to physically type in his/her credentials in a similar manner to the logging in operation.

Benefits of RFID Secure Access

  • Easy and immediate access to machine
  • Secure – card or wristband needed for access
  • Quick and simple installation


To download this information as a pdf file, click here.

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