Bosch introduces new micro-dosing system for capsule filling

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Bosch unveiled the new drum-style micro-dosing system for two-piece capsule filling at Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since then, we have done extensive Quality by Design testing of our system and sold several machines with this filling system.

Bosch developed and patented a new adjustable dosing-drum that allows an operator to adjust the fill volume of the bores with the simple turn of a screw. This allows for great flexibility in product development and provides a system that can accommodate a large range of fill weights and product densities with minimal tooling.

Click on the link below for a scientific article on our Quality by Design testing that was published in Pharmind Magazine.
This article was a collaboration between Bosch engineers and our in-house pharmacist and the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen in Germany. Read the article.


Rottendorf Pharma acquires a Bosch GKF 702 with Micro-Dosing
Looking for a contract manufacturer with automatic micro-dosing capabilities? Rottendorf Pharma in Germany has recently purchased a GKF 702 encapsulator with the new micro-dosing system.  This machine is capable of micro-dosing powders into capsules at up to 42,000 capsules per hour.

The machine is also capable of filling powders, pellets, tablets, liquids, and up to 3 combinations into one capsule.  For more information on Rottendorf Pharma’s new capabilities with the Bosch GKF 702, please contact Mr. Gordon Haines at Rottendorf Pharma USA by clicking here.



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