Bosch Releases Standard Pricing on the FLT Vial Filling System, Discounts Stock Machine

FLT Filler

Save $93,475 on currently-in-stock model
Save big on this in-stock FLT vial filling system. The FLT is a low speed vial filling, stoppering and capping machine with 100% checkweigh. This machine is ideal for lower volume production, or R&D vial filling applications. The simplified set-up, minimal size parts and mobile platform make it an extremely versatile and easy to operate machine.
This FLT has less than 100 hours of run time all of which was either at tradeshows, or for testing in our facility.

  • This unit is priced at $248,000, which is a $93,475 discount for the features included

Click here for more information, brochure, and video.

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