AIM 8: taking inspection technology to the next level

Following months of intense work, Bosch Packaging Technology proudly presented the first model of an entirely new generation of fully automated inspection machines at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany – the AIM 8 series. The development greatly profited from the experience of the former Eisai Machinery engineers, who continue to contribute their long-term market technology knowledge to the Bosch group after the successful integration in 2013. The result of these efforts succeeded in impressing international trade fair visitors.


One feature that received particular attention is the machine’s modular design, which makes it possible to tailor the AIM 8 to customer requirements and product characteristics. For instance, a pre-spin table, which is used to homogenize suspensions and eliminate air bubbles, can be connected to the main module. This module in turn is equipped with a CMOS camera-based inspection system and a table for up to five inspection stations. Customers have the possibility to expand this basic unit by connecting it to a sub-module for additional inspections. Designed to inspect vials with medium to highly viscous and lyophilized products at rates of up to 600 containers per minute, the AIM 8 features a new puck transport system for easy changeover and safe container handling.



Another highlight, and a unique one at that, is the possibility to combine two distinct inspection technologies: the proven light transmission-based SD (static division) technology and CMOS camera-based inspection – which makes Bosch the only company to offer both technologies.


The future prospects are bright: the series will be expanded to cover further parenteral liquid container types, such as cartridges, syringes and ampoules, in order to offer customers even more modular solutions for their inspection purposes.


Joachim Baczewski
Head of Inspection Technology (Japan)
phone: +81 (3) 5466-2550



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