Bosch MLF 5000 – High Speed Vial Filler with 100% Checkweigh

Bosch MLF 5000 high speed vial filler with 100% checkweigh

MLF 5000 Vial Filling and Stoppering Machine
The MLF 5000 was designed specifically to output up to 400 containers per minute while performing 100% checkweigh control of container fill volumes. With hundreds of MLF machines already installed across the globe, the 5000 series was developed to handle the higher output segment. The technologies utilized on the MLF are a combination of proven concepts and the most recent innovations in vial filling technology from Bosch.

MLF 5000 Machine Innovations:

  • Continuous and Intermittent Motion Vial Transfer
      • Transfer of containers continuously through segmented starwheels to the intermittent transport system. Container transfer is very smooth and does not use scrolls. This minimizes particle generation and also provides great accessibility to the vial path.
      • Stoppering is done in continuous motion, allowing precise placement and a smooth press-in process. Stopper placement height adjustment is possible through a servo controlled adjustment.


  • Transport System
    • Containers are carried , not slid – a unique design for 100% checkweigh machines.
    • Because vials are carried, no product contamination through the transport is realized. No static load, particle generation, or scratched vials are created, due to the exclusive vial handling system.


  • 100% In-Process Checkweigh
    • All containers are weighed before and after filling, and any deviation is automatically adjusted through the control system.
    • Format cells carry the containers safely through the machine. The unique transport design places containers gently on scales to allow precise weighing results. Due to the transport design, unidirectional airflow disturbances on the checkweigh system are eliminated.


  • Combi Fill Station
    • Flexible system to utilize different fill systems on a single platform. The station is easily switched from one type of fill system to another. Possible technologies available on the single platform:
      • Bosch peristaltic pumps (single use capable)
      • Rolling diaphragm pumps (single use capable)
      • Rotary valve piston pumps
      • Time pressure filling system

MLF 5000 Installation Versions

The flexible design of the MLF 5000 allows for installation in a variety of scenarios.

  • In-wall
  • RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System)
  • Closed RABS
  • Barrier Isolator

User Benefits for the MLF Vial Filling and Stoppering Machine

The MLF 5000 is designed with ease of use and best in-class technologies in mind. The unique transport system with 100% checkweigh system ensures elevated production yield and high machine efficiency. The slim machine design enables a user-friendly experience through operation of the machine from one side. The MLF 5000 easily adapts to different barrier technologies. Container handling is gentle due to continuous movement – reducing processing disruptions while maintaining high machine output of up to 400 containers per minute.

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