Bosch Packaging Releases GranuLean, a New Generation Granulation Unit

At Achema, Bosch Packaging Technology presents the new GranuLean for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical granules, developed by its subsidiary Hüttlin GmbH.

The new GranuLean wet granulation unit from Bosch combines a high-shear mixer, a wet mill, and a fluid bed dryer into a compact and easily integrated granulation suite. Our patented Gentlewing mixing technology in the high-shear mixer starts the process with uniform and rapid mixing and granulating of your product. The product is then metered from the high-shear mixer into the integrated wet mill for particle sizing. The wet product then gets automatically transferred into the fluid bed for the drying step. After drying, the product is discharged via a dry mill. As an alternative, the fluid bed can be used to granulate your product utilizing top spray or tangential spray technology. The produced granules are then ready for tabletting, encapsulation, or other solid dosage forms such as stick packs.

filters_captionThe GranuLean system comes in three standardized batch sizes and can be easily installed in existing manufacturing rooms. Special attention was given to efficiency and compact design. Our many years of experience with granulation processes allowed us to develop a granulation system with optimally harmonized components and a cost-effective design. The standardization of many components also reduces our lead time to our customers.

If you are interested in seeing this system in person, it will make its debut at the Achema tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany at the Bosch Packaging booth, June 15-19. Come see us!

For more information about the GranuLean system, click here to read the complete press release.  If you have any further questions about GranuLean, please contact your solid oral dose equipment sales manager – click here for contact details in North America. Click here for contact details in Europe.

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