Product Spotlight: LAL 2020 – Fluid Removal Machine
for Pre-Filled Containers

Machine Function:
The LAL 2020 fluid removal machine is a compact, fully-automated machine for the removal of liquid from filled, stoppered, and capped containers.

Machine Benefits:
By automated process, contents of filled, stoppered, and capped containers are extracted for downstream formulation and/or processing.

Machine Operation:
After bottle placement at the machine infeed, the transport system inverts and transfers containers to the fluid removal station. If the option is selected, a strip track will automatically remove the container cap exposing the vial stoppers.  The fluid removal station needles are then pressed into the stoppers, and fluid from the sealed containers is removed  by a peristaltic pump.  Once all fluid has been removed, the empty containers exit at the machine outfeed. The fluid is then used in downstream processing.

Machine Video:

Test environment active!

For more information:
For more detailed information about the LAL 2020, please contact Jamie Schroetter at (763) 424-4700.

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