Connected Packaging Industry – the software solution from Bosch

In times of increased manipulation and counterfeit drugs, serialization requirements in the pharmaceutical industry are becoming more and more important. With respect to this trend, Bosch developed the Carton Printing System (CPS) — the heart of serialization and aggregation solutions from Bosch. The CPS system can be integrated into every packaging line, due to its flexibility and modular design.

CPSThe data handling of the CPS is managed by the smart software solution Connected Packaging Industry (CPI). With this solution, not only single and local production processes can be managed; there is also the possibility of the global networking of separate components, all the way up to complete factories. CPI uses maximum flexibility, so country and customer-specific requirements can be imported and serial numbers are generated and managed precisely. Further, the cloud-enabled CPI solution offers the possibility of controlling and documenting serialization, from the allocation of the serial numbers through to the last aggregation step, covering all process parameters.

The CPS  is a stand-alone solution and the most flexible serialization system on the market. Up to 400 folded cartons per minute can be serialized, optionally with 1D or 2D data matrix codes. A Tamper Evident module, which can be added flexibly, completes the fulfillment of safety features. The labeler seals the carton´s side flaps to ensure protection against manipulation.

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