Interview with development engineer Fritz Lobe about new Bosch feeding systems for cartoning machines

Here is a recent interview with Fritz Lobe, a development engineer in the area of Bosch’s new feeding systems for cartoning machines.

Why did you become an engineer for cartoning machines?
I did not join the cartoner business right from the start. I came there after some experience in other sectors. First, I worked in the blister area, and later on, in test bed technology at ATMO, a Bosch-internal system supplier for assembly systems and special machinery. I managed several projects there, but I missed the mechanical elements and design work. The decision to become a development engineer for cartoning machines resulted from my previous technical work in the blister area and the similarities to cartoners.

Why did you choose Bosch and when did you join the company?
In 1998, I joined the blister section of Bosch Packaging Technology. Bosch as an employer seemed very attractive to me, because it is a big company with lots of possibilities offered to the employees. The different sectors are interesting and complex, and my current work in the development of feeding systems is a perfect example.

What advantages are offered by the improved feeding systems for cartoning machines?
One of the most important things in our development is the safe and gentle handling of the customer´s product. Regardless if it is tubes, blisters or vials, every product packed on one of our machines is handled safely. When the product is handed over in the continuous product chain of our high speed cartoning machines CUK or CUC, our feeding systems are ideal. Due to servo drives, they can be synchronized exactly to the speed of the product chain. Most important is the central management of all components of the packaging line, and every system can be managed via HMI (Human Machine Interface). Of course, a high output is fundamental, but at the same time, functional safety is a big focus when developing our feeding systems.

What is the primary focus of your daily work?
Mainly, we develop cartoner feeding systems for containers initially processed by other Bosch machines. These are bottles, vials, ampoules and pouches in different shapes such as flow bags, four side sealed bags and sticks. But our portfolio includes feeding systems suitable for blisters and tubes as well.

Are there particularly interesting new projects at the moment?
Yes, there are. We recently sold a cartoning machine for ESP-packages for the first time. ESP-packages (Eco │ Save │ Pack) are a patented solution made by Bosch. Vials are fixed in carton-inlays to protect them from damage, and later inserted into folded cartons. Special challenges for us are inlay-handling and vial-feeding.

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