LED Lighting – Optimized illumination, better inspection

In need of more lux for your viscous product, plastic or amber container?  LED may be the answer.

Bosch Inspection Technology Pharma offers a variety of lighting possibilities for its Manual Inspection Hoods (MIH); in order to provide proper illumination for the application at hand.

Two adjustable LED lighting options are now available for the MIH product line; providing flexible, high intensity and wide range light intensity:

  • One is an LED lighting option consisting of two independently controlled 24” fixtures with a 3-position switch for brightness control.
  • The other is an overhead adjustable intensity LED lighting on a pivoting mount, with a 20 position adjustment dial.
  • In comparison to a 10,000 hour lifecycle on a fluorescent bulb, LED lights provide a 75,000 hour lifecycle.

The cost savings of using LED lights include lower overall costs for bulbs over the life of the machine, lower power consumption, and reduced maintenance downtime.

Call or email us to find out more about our MIH product line and LED lighting solutions.

Claudia Considine

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