Targeted cancer therapy – February 4 is World Cancer Day

A cancer diagnosis can turn a person’s world upside down. According to the World Health Organization, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as the most common cause of death worldwide. February 4 is the 10th World Cancer Day, a global information campaign that aims to contain the disease over the long term with the help of research and de-stigmatization.

What does Bosch Packaging Technology have to do with cancer?

Cancer treatment has been undergoing a quiet revolution in recent years, as an improved understanding of tumor cells’ molecular biology makes it possible to target the patient-specific attributes of the illness more and more effectively. This calls for targeted, sometimes even personalized medication – produced on highly flexible production and filling lines. There are extremely effective approaches based on immunoglobulins and antibodies that activate the immune system to fight cancer cells.

Biopharmaceutical production

Producing antibodies is one of Bosch subsidiary Pharmatec’s core competencies. It is a multi-step process that revolves around cell cultures. The first step is to cultivate and harvest the cells in bioreactors (upstream process). After that it is a case of separating out and purifying the active agents before they are put together to form the final solution ready for injection (downstream process).

 Precision filling, high level of product safety, and operator protection

The demand for sterile bottling of oncological compounds is due to the trend towards targeted medication, increasingly in smaller batch sizes. This calls for flexible platforms such as the FXS Combi, a filling and capping machine that can process syringes, vials, and cartridges. The FXS Combi is compatible with all filling technologies, including peristaltic and rotary slide valve piston pumps and the single-use filling system PreVAS. It also comes with an integrated capping station. To protect operators from the highly potent active substances – and guarantee quality – these filling machines can also be combined with barrier systems.

Once filling is complete and the highly active substances are safely in their vials or other container, the next step is to ensure that there is no active product left on the exterior of the packaging. The containers are carefully cleaned before being submitted for inspection. Next comes the labeling, secondary packaging, and encoding of sales packaging to ensure traceability and guard against counterfeiting. Details of the individual process steps can be found on our web site.

World Cancer Day
First held in 2006, World Cancer Day is sponsored by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). Many of the over 770 member organizations from more than 155 countries take part in this campaign day. For more detailed information on the current campaign We can. I can.”, including a map of the events being held around the world as part of World Cancer Day 2016, please visit

What is cancer?
Cancer is a collective term for various malignant formations of new tissue. Malignant tumors occur when sections of genetic material undergo change and the body is no longer able to counteract these mutations – a task that becomes increasingly difficult with age. However, the risk of contracting cancer also depends on genetic factors, lifestyle choices, and various environmental factors. Cancer treatments include drugs, radiation, and surgical procedures.

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