Automated Inspection – False Reject Mitigation with latest Mechanical, Vision and Sensor Technologies


The Inspection Technology Pharma (ITP) division of Bosch offers automated technologies to achieve highest detection levels for visible particle and container defects to ensure product and patient safety.

Technologies continue to develop and be applied in the field, with the goal of 100% defect detection and 0% false rejection as the targets.

The attached poster explains advancements to reduce false reject rates caused by air bubbles and over-siliconization; while maintaining detection performance for moving and non-moving foreign particles.

Bosch ITP group offers automated, semi-automated and manual inspection systems for visible defects and automated high voltage leak detection (HVLD) and laser headspace analysis (HSA) machines for container closure integrity.

For more information, please contact Claudia Considine by email: or phone +1 (201) 760-5100.



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