Bosch RABS and Isolator Glove Testing Systems

Efficient and reproducible glove testing for your barrier system

From Restricted Access Barrier to Isolation Technology, Bosch has a solution for any glove testing requirements.  Bosch glove testing solutions allow for the entire system to be tested precisely, quickly, and with highly repeatable results. Bosch offers offline independent testers, to fully integrated WLAN solutions with data transfer capability.

Bosch Glove Testing Solutions:

  • WLAN glove testing system with full line integration and operation via the system HMI
  • WLAN glove testing system as a portable stand-alone solution with its own HMI
  • Glove testing device (without WLAN function), built in pump and controller, as well as a text display for the test results
  • Offline systems for the independent testing of RABS gloves, outside the barrier/sterile area

Glove Testing Procedure:



Glove Testing System Accessories:

  • Pressure required is generated by an integrated, on-board pump, no external air required
  • Exchangeable batteries
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for glove and port
  • Transport trolley for testing device with charging station


Benefits to Bosch Glove Testing Systems:

  • RABS and Isolator suitable
  • Complete line integration with data transferred via WLAN
  • Exchangeable battery, no waiting for charging
  • No need for external air supply
  • Precise and reproducible testing procedures
  • Short testing times
  • Testing parameters specific to glove type


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