Evolution of the Tablet Press

The process of pressing pharmaceutical tablets for oral dosage has evolved steadily over time, and when this steady evolution is depicted visually, it creates a fascinating picture (as evidenced by this article’s header image).

Here is a brief history of the evolution of Bosch’s most recent tablet press models:

UNI-NOVA-ROTA: The first modern rotary press series. Rota was the first double sided press with pre-compression. Now 30+ years old, these presses are still in use throughout North America and all over the world.

DIAMOND SERIES: A controls evolution of the prior series.

XPRESS SERIES: Featured a removable turret, and a stepped cabinet design for distinct separation of mechanical and process areas.

TPR SERIES: The first tablet press with Bosch design concept. Torque drive, superior data acquisition, 100kN compression force, and an integrated die-plate with class-leading output are just a few key features. For more information, contact your local Sales Manager.

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