Stock Machines Available

GKF 705

New and Remanufactured Machines Available

We currently have multiple new machines in stock ready for immediate delivery for the North American market.

  • GKF 705 Capsylon capsule filler
  • GKF 1505 Capsylon capsule filler
  • GKF 3005 Capsylon capsule filler
  • GKF 2600 capsule filler
  • KKE 1700 capsule checkweigher
  • KKE 2500 capsule checkweigher
  • Solidlab 1 lab scale fluid bed/coater
  • Solidlab 2 lab scale fluid bed/coater

For further information, please contact your regional sales manager.

We also have multiple machines currently available for the North American market that can be sold after receiving either a mechanical rebuild or a complete refurbishment.

For further information, please contact Dave Bethel.

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