The vial challenge

Bosch Vial Challenge

Amino acids are essential to the human organism. As chains, or so-called peptides, they form the building blocks of proteins. Modulating the body’s peptide systems can help cure chronic conditions, and has led to a surge in polypeptide drug development. Hybio Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. from Shenzhen, China, specializes in the research and large-scale production of peptide-based medication, including lyophilized products.


Safely packaged glass containers

The pharmaceuticals are provided in glass vials, and thus require particularly gentle handling during packaging and transportation. Hybio relies on 2 ml and 10 ml vials, which are packaged into single or collective packages of five or ten vials. Besides safe handling, the various formats demand highly versatile packaging equipment – requirements which Bosch could successfully fulfill. The packaging experts provided a complete packaging line including the Eco | Save | Pack version III, a carton tray with product-adapted inlays. A customized robot from the Bosch subsidiary Moeller & Devicon inserts five or ten vials separately into a perforated inlay comprising two superposed chambers.

The packaging line further includes an LSS labeling machine and two CART-T5 cartoning machines with CPS 800 modules for 2D data matrix printing. The first cartoner packages in addition to the 1 x 5 and 2 x 5 ESP III packages also individual vials, while the second one bundles them to multipackages. “Bosch supported us throughout the entire project, from packaging development to line implementation”, Pauline Yu, the Vice President from Hybio, says. “The highly flexible line concept has helped us realize our diverse packaging formats and increase product safety at the same time. Thanks to the Eco | Save | Pack and the gentle vial processing, we ensure secure transportation of our delicate products and contribute to the safe administration of our compounds.”





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Product Manager Inspection Technology and Secondary Packaging
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