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Bosch ALF5000

Ampoules, vials, or rather a combination of both container types? No matter into which type of packaging you choose to fill your liquid pharmaceuticals, the new filling and closing machine ALF 5000 offers you maximum flexibility. The ALF 5000 vial-only version, which was presented for the first time at this year’s interpack, ensures exact filling volumes, high output, continuous process safety and high product quality.


The ALF 5000 offers you three filling variants on one platform: besides ampoules or vials and ampoules in combination, the ALF 5000 also allows you to process vials only with utmost precision. “Thanks to its optional 100 % in-process control, the machine weighs containers before and after filling in order to achieve exact filling volumes at all times. This helps manufacturers of cost-intensive pharmaceuticals reduce their product loss,” product manager Tobias Göttler emphasizes. As a result, you can efficiently fill up to 600 containers per minute.



Safe, gentle and hygienic

Moreover, the machine allows for especially gentle processing of different packaging formats. The carrying rake transport supports an intermittent operating mode and slightly lifts the glass containers. This prevents them from rubbing against the machine guide and being damaged. In addition, the ALF 5000 provides for hygienic filling processes: since the lever activating the rake transport is easier to seal, particles don’t enter the filling area from the outside. The machine platform is available with all established filling systems such as peristaltic pump or time-pressure-filling system and optionally comes with four, six, eight, ten or twelve filling points. Soon the first customers will benefit from this flexibility: until the end of the year, the first ALF 5000 machines will be shipped to customers from Bosch’s manufacturing site in Crailsheim, Germany.


Tobias Göttler
Product Manager
+49 7951 402-619

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