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Individualization is one of the buzzwords of our time. The needs of end consumers and patients are becoming more and more individual. In the food industry, habits have changed significantly; smaller pack sizes and higher convenience are sought after. The pharmaceutical industry is also changing rapidly. Drug production has shifted from blockbuster medication to specialized pharmaceuticals, providing targeted treatment of illnesses customized to the individual patient.


Attractive food packaging for different target groups

As far as purchasing behavior in the supermarket is concerned, different trends can be observed. The so-called millennials live an on-the-go lifestyle: they often consume food when out and about, and hence require smaller packaging units. The same accounts for a growing number of single households. Senior citizens, on the other hand, buy larger units, which they require to be equipped with opening aids and easily readable product information on the packaging. Attractive and user-friendly pack styles are in demand, which at the same time require cost-effective and flexible production.

Our solutions meet these requirements. For example with our new packaging system for cookies, which allows fast changes in pack styles, sizes or number of cookies in each pack. Or with our solution for a customer in China, who packages dietary supplements in stick packs for different target groups on the same machine. These easy to portion packs fulfill the need for individualization and convince all target groups thanks to their convenience and format flexibility.


Individual therapies are gaining ground

Convenience is also playing a more and more important role in the pharmaceutical sector. Patients should be able to administer new drugs easily and as independently as possible. New therapies such as ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) are just as individual as each patient – for instance for the treatment of cancer. Consequently, the role of equipment manufacturers is changing from a mere supplier of flexible machines towards a consulting function as development partner.

The Bosch Subsidiary Valicare is specialized in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) support and helps companies to achieve a fast time-to-market for their new ATMPs. In line with international regulations, Valicare offers expertise in quality assurance, quality control, production, and technical service. Because only if new, individualized medicine is quickly available for patients, we will be able to sustainably improve medical supply and patients’ quality of life.

We will be happy to support and consult you in individualizing your products and packaging solutions.


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Annette Soyke

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