The 500th post on this blog!

This is the 500th post on the Bosch Packaging Pharma Blog!

We started this blog in 2010, to bring our readers the latest in industry information, product features, aftermarket support, technical tips, white papers, how-to videos, and more.

Now, 7¬Ĺ years after we started, this blog has been named among the top 50 Pharma Blogs & Websites in the world and has reached 500 posts.

Thank you to all of our readers!

Please continue to check here for new content, as we post 1-2 times every week. And, as a hint, the navigation menus can narrow down the content to exactly what you are looking for.

Note: this is the 500th English post on this blog. There are also hundreds of posts in other languages, such as German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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