Manuals for legacy model tablet presses

The Manesty tablet press legacy lives on under the Bosch brand.

Have you been using an older Manesty without a manual for reference?  To keep your tablet press running at top performance, we recommend using set-up and maintenance information from an original manual.  Bosch’s partner IPR Inc. offers manuals for the older model Manesty presses free of charge.

IPR Inc. out of Chicago supports the legacy models along with Bosch and has available manuals or an approximate manual, for the Unipress, Novapress, Rotapress, the Diamond series, Betapress and many more.  If we can help you with a manual for your legacy Manesty tablet press, please contact us today.

Phone: (630) 823-4700

If you would like to learn more about the modern line of Bosch TPR tablet presses contact your regional sales manager.

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