PDA Europe Education Program – Bosch Product Manager gives presentation in Mainz


On October 18 and 19, 2017, the Parental Drug Association (PDA) invited interested participants to Mainz where they had the chance to exchange with experts from industry and research about the properties and handling of glass – the most widely used material in the industry for packaging pharmaceuticals.

Claudia Heinl (PhD, Pharmaceutical Tubing Product Manager, Schott AG) started the two-day series of talks to inform about the chemical and physical properties of glass and its processing. Afterwards, the participants were able to visit the Schott AG factory and look behind the scenes of glass processing.

Karl Siemoneit (PhD, Head of Quality Supplier Management, Sanofi-Aventis) concluded the day with a presentation on regulatory criteria for the quality control of glass containers.



The experts from left to right: Karl Siemoneit, Claudia Heinl and Klaus Ullherr

The next day began with a brief review of the previous day and the second part of the presentation by Karl Siemoneit.

Then, Klaus Ullherr (Senior Product Manager, Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH) began his lecture series on the use of glass containers as primary packaging for pharmaceutical machines in practice. Among other things, it dealt with impact on the material during the passage of filling and closing machines. It also showed original format parts of Bosch machines that come into direct contact with the glass. Through his many years of experience, he was able to give valuable tips on how to avoid glass breakage in the entire process chain.

“Particularly interesting for me was the exchange with experienced customers and the presentations of the two other experts. All in all a very successful event “, summarizes Klaus Ullherr.


Klaus Ullherr
Senior Product Manager
+49 7951 402-517


Bosch Klaus Ullherr

Klaus Ullherr is product manager for the business fields syringes and filling systems with global product responsibility at the Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH.
He is an expert for syringe processing, member of the “PDA Interest Group Pre-filled Syringes” and he works as an expert in the DIN/ISO group for primary packaging. He is also a popular speaker at conferences covering trends and solutions for fill/finish equipment.

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