Small devices – huge effect


Self-administration is trending, giving patients a maximum of autonomy and flexibility. While self-administration of insulin already is state-of-the-art in diabetes care, it is also advancing in some areas of oncology or hormone therapy.

Along with the globally increasing number of diabetes patients, the market for insulin is growing continuously – and with it the demand for pens and other injection aids. This calls for extremely flexible assembly machines that allow handling of a large number of different products. This is the mission of Moeller & Devicon, the Danish Bosch Packaging Technology company.


A scalable approach

Moeller & Devicon has specialized on highly flexible machines and has developed a comprehensive machine range with a compact design, a clear overview of all stations and good accessibility. Thanks to a scalable level of automation, the assembly equipment can be adapted to different requirements and processes. When it comes to first clinical trials, small manual workstations are an ideal solution. Once the trials have been realized successfully and a switch to commercial production is needed, semi-automated or fully-automated assembly machines can be used.


Furthermore, process validation of the equipment can be transferred from one machine to another. The machine portfolio from Moeller & Devicon enables manufacturers to establish flexible assembly processes with a minimum of downtime between batches, without loosing time for additional cleaning – resulting in more cost-effective production processes and ultimately in faster delivery times. The modular design of the machine platforms makes it possible to adapt and retrofit them easily for future market requirements. This allows manufacturers to be as agile and flexible as possible in rapidly changing markets. In line with Bosch’s pharmaceutical line competence, the assembly machines can be complemented by equipment for container handling, filling and closing, inspection, labeling and end-of-line packaging.




Michael Andersen
Sales Director at Moeller & Devicon
+45 5138 6413

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