Article in Pharmaceutical Processing by Bosch’s Jürgen Metzger: The Fine Art Of Transferring Products Into Barrier Systems

Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are becoming more complex and guidelines stricter. Accordingly, the focus in aseptic operations is of course protecting the aseptic interior of a barrier system against the environment and vice versa also protecting operators from highly potent pharmaceuticals. This requires suitable barrier technologies. One of the first steps is the categorization of the actual pharmaceutical product, followed by

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Jürgen Metzger is Barrier Systems & Process Specialist at Robert Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc. He started his career at Bosch Packaging Technology in 1999 in Crailsheim, Germany. Throughout his time in Germany, one of the main focus areas was isolator technology with aseptic filling machines and processes. Since April 2017, Metzger has been responsible for barrier systems technology in Minneapolis, MN.


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