MIH-LX: A Cornerstone of Visual Inspection

Robert Bosch Packaging Technology Inc., a leader in supplying pharmaceutical inspection equipment, was honored to recently sponsor the 2018 PDA Visual Inspection Interest Group Workshop this year in Bethesda, Maryland.  We were proud to showcase Bosch’s latest manual inspection units and display the various innovations and lighting options currently offered by the product line.  Manual inspection will always be a cornerstone in the realm of visual inspection.  Whether it be setting the benchmark for acceptable product or establishing the baseline for validating semi-automatic and automatic visual inspection machinery; manual inspection is critical within the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the years, the global pharmacopeia requirements of manual inspection have aligned defining the requirements of visual inspection.  Regulatory standards such as USP <790>, EP 2.9.20, and JP 6.06 have defined the necessary illumination, inspection time, and background required for particle inspection resulting in a minimum illumination intensity of 2,000 – 3,750 lux, 10 second inspection time, and use of black & white background respectively.

One of units showcased at the 2018 PDA Visual Inspection Interest Group Workshop was Bosch’s MIH-LX, which is designed to satisfy the USP, EP, and JP pharmacopeia requirements.  To satisfy the lighting requirements Bosch offers three standard overhead lighting solutions: fluorescent (up to 5,649 lux), 3-position fixed white LED (up to 11,024 lux), and adjustable intensity white LED (up to 14,700 lux).  Using the LED overhead light source not only offers superior light intensity, but also a longer lasting life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs.

What really sets the MIH-LX apart from the competition is the automated timing feature, which ensures the inspection meets the 10-second minimum time requirement.  The timing feature is controlled by a programmable PLC and light curtains to sense when the operator is inspecting on the one side of the black & white background to ensure a minimum of 5 seconds is achieved on both sides.  If the inspector switches too quickly from one side to the other, an alarm is raised to prompt a re-inspection.  This not only ensures that your inspection procedure is done in accordance to the pharmacopeia standards, but also establishes proper pace to the inspection process.

These improvements are just examples of some of the ways Bosch is innovating the visual inspection industry.

For more information on the MIH-LX or any of Bosch’s visual inspection portfolio, please contact:

Alexander Riotto
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