First Industry 4.0 project in Latin America

It’s a premiere for both Bosch and EMS in Latin America: the two companies signed a contract for the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions in Brazil’s largest pharmaceutical laboratory. The pilot phase already started in June. By the end of the year, Bosch will digitally connect all machines in one of the 14 lines located in the modern EMS manufacturing complex in Hortolândia. The goal is to make EMS’s production more efficient and increase their production capacity over the next three to five years.

“Our Industry 4.0 solutions have been tailored to the special requirements of EMS, providing transparency for all process and machine data, in order to help the company to maintain a high performance of their equipment and make real-time decisions based on hard facts,” says Volker Melges, director of Bosch’s Latin American pharma division. To achieve this goal, Bosch’s new Pharma i 4.0 Starter Edition is being installed on all machines of the line. It collects, analyzes and visualizes large amounts of production data, and stores them centrally. “The solution is ideally suited for all Bosch machines. However, with a suitable electronic interface, it can also be used with third-party equipment,” Melges explains. What’s more, EMS wants to digitize all maintenance tasks, allowing for quick analyses of root causes and more efficient troubleshooting.

The pilot phase will be followed by the implementation of the software in other lines and facilities, as well as its extension to production processes from the primary material through to the final product. “The main idea is to improve and move forward with this new system. In the future, our entire industry will be able to optimize resources, and to produce smarter and more efficiently,” Tobias Henzel, vice president of EMS operations, underlines. For both companies, this cooperation is an important step on the road towards pharmaceutical Industry 4.0


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Volker Melges
Head of Sales Latin America
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