Clean Label Alliance to Launch at Supply Side West

The Clean Label Alliance is a partnership of industry leaders targeted at addressing the increasing demand from consumers for clean labels on dietary supplements. Bosch is pleased to be part of this alliance. The official roll out for the alliance will occur at Supply Side West in Las Vegas.

About the Clean Label Alliance

Consumers want the same clean label as they have for food with dietary supplements. However, some dietary supplement makers are experiencing production challenges as they transition to clean labels. To address these challenges, leaders within the dietary supplement industry are joining forces to help producers transition to clean label by providing support and problem-solving solutions. The Clean Label Alliance’s purpose is to offer guidance to dietary supplement companies by providing top-of-the-line resources and solutions to efficiently produce clean label supplements.

The Clean Label Alliance eliminates the guesswork for developing and transitioning to clean label supplements. Confidential clean label consultations and recommendations are free to contract or branded manufacturers by submitting project requests through After submitting, manufacturers will have access to premium resources and solutions from clean label industry specialists and prompt technical support.

More Information

Are you having challenges in your transition to clean label supplements? Visit to submit your project request. For more information on the “Keep It Clean” event during Supply Side West, download RIBUS’s press release.

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