Bosch Packaging Technology hosts together with the JSPME (Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering) educational seminars and practical workshops on pharmaceutical manufacturing

On October 26th 2018, we were happy to welcome participants from 30 member pharmaceutical companies to our seminars and workshops, organized together with the Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering to our Musashi plant.

Throughout the years, Bosch Packaging Technology Japan has conducted these educational workshops for engineers who joined their companies during the prior 2-3 years. The main goal of the seminar was to understand the parameters in liquid fill-finish processes and inspection technology for optimized line performance. The program was structured in three blocks:

1. Classroom trainings with, detailed overviews of technologies:
– Process of injection manufacturing
– Liquid inspection machines
– New products by Bosch Packaging Technology

2. Plant tour.
3. Practical trainings, where the participants were taught about sample preparation for particle inspection and identifying the relevant parameters such as light settings. Finally, they were able to compare their test results to automated visual inspection machines.

The evaluation of participant’s feedback revealed that they really valued the combination of theoretical background and practical hands-on experience. The young engineers felt confident in using the gained knowledge for future projects. Particularly, they appreciated the reference points when setting criteria in introducing automated visual inspection technologies to their plants.


Voices of the Bosch Japan team:

“The trainings on inspection machines traditionally have a very good reputation. I have already performed my fifth training and can see growing interest every year. As an engineer, I especially valued the opportunity to hear the voices of customers directly. During the seminar, we had the chance to discuss considerations for the introduction of new automated inspection machines.”
Kenji Yamagishi, Team leader, Vision Test / Application Team and Workshop trainer

“As the global market leader, it is also our mission to educate young engineers and prepare them for their work in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, we will continue our support to Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering
by holding this workshop in the coming years. I particularly like the fact that we see more and more female participants every year. Surely, an increasing diversity amongst pharmaceutical engineers will enrich our industry in the future.”
Masaru Wada, Sales Director PAJP, Director of JSPME and initiator of the training program in 1998


Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering

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