Product Spotlight: The FXS Combi Filler provides high flexibility when filling individual pre-sterilized components

Pre-sterilized commodities are becoming more and more attractive. The use of pre-sterilized / pre-treated container components has emerged as a promising alternative to conventional primary packaging, adding significant value to streamline pharmaceutical fill / finish. These packaging components eliminate multiple steps in the overall filling process (mainly washing, sterilizing, and preparing containers), thereby helping improve operational efficiencies in compliance to existing regulatory standards.

In the future, as drug developers continue to strive to achieve greater flexibility in their operations, ready to use containers and closure systems are expected to play a key role. That’s why Bosch’s FXS Combi Filler is playing a significant role in the fill/ finish processing of pre-sterilized commodities for small to medium output rates. The Combi Filler has the ability to handle and process three individual types of nested components on a space-saving platform.

Based on our long-standing experience in filling and closing of different containers, the FXS Combi can now be used for as many as three packaging types: pre-sterilized nested syringes, pre- capped or pre-plungered cartridges, and vials with either a regular stopper or a lyophilization stopper. The FXS Combi can be equipped with a laminar flow RABS system or with isolator barrier technology.


  • Upstream equipment for bag and tub opening
  • 3 different types of nested commodities: syringe, vial, and cartridge
  • Combi filling station
  • Rotary piston pumps, time-pressure filling and / or peristaltic pumps
  • Single use filling system – (PreVAS)
  • Automatic in process check weight
  • Stoppering immediately after filling
  • Integrated capping system
  • Lyophilization
  • Vacuum filling and vacuum stoppering

Processing range:
Syringes 0.5–20ml, 50ml option
Vials 2 R–30 R (other sizes on request)
Cartridges 1.5 and 3ml (other sizes on request)

Author: Jens Konrad, Portfolio Specialist at Robert Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc

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