Bosch Podium Presentation at the 2019 PharmaEd Pre-Filled Syringes Forum

Bosch Packaging Technology is pleased to announce its participation at the 2019 PharmaEd Pre-Filled Syringes Forum, to be held in Boston, MA, on February 27-28, 2019, with a podium presentation by Senior Product Manager Klaus Ullherr. His presentation, titled “Combi Filling – Challenges and Solutions,” will anchor the session on optimization of aseptic filling processes for parenteral containers. The following are a preview of some of the insights Mr. Ullherr will be sharing with the audience:

  • New nest and tray-based packaging material options are enabling more robust aseptic filling processes through more advanced automation
  • The tradeoff between output and flexibility as a parenteral product moves through the pre-clinical, to clinical, and commercial manufacturing phases
  • Concrete examples of how combined processing has been implemented for a variety of container type combinations in the various manufacturing phases
  • Considerations in the design and implementation of single use filling systems in combination fillers
  • An overview of the latest technology and features found in flexible fillers

Interested but unable to attend? Please contact us to arrange a follow-up meeting. Our subject matter experts are available to engage on your application.

Image  – Bosch FXS Syringe Filler Platform
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