Bosch at Interphex 2019: Innovations for the production of liquid pharmaceuticals

Bosch Packaging will be exhibiting at Interphex 2019 in New York, booth 3305. Bosch will highlight our innovations for the production of liquid pharmaceuticals.

At the booth:
MSA – Semi-Automatic Range Machine for auto-injector assembly and labeling
The Bosch range machine can be easily tooled up to assemble and label all known auto injectors. Available in both semi-automated and fully automated solutions, up to 100 devices per minute. The platform allows you to acquire the tooling for each format as the need arises.

Virtual Reality Training Tool – ALF Filler
Watch a live demonstration of our virtual reality-training tool. The training tool is a part of the Bosch Packaging Academy and offers customers time and location independent trainings and optimal knowledge management.

Visit Booth 3305 to talk with a Bosch expert for more information about these and other new technologies.

Forthcoming Track & Trace Technology for the U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Effective as of November 27th 2018 in the U.S., the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires all packages/homogenous cases distributed for commerce to have a product identifier. By 2023 an electronic interoperable system for product tracing down to package level should be implemented. This poster explores the effectiveness of the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain and its capability to maintain high integrity from the manufacturer to the patient. The investigation covers serialization and other technical features pertaining to track & trace technology. The options and benefits of implementing IT-solutions for optimizing track & trace technology are assessed. Current track & trace solutions implemented in other parts of the world are examined. The aim is to provoke further discussion about forthcoming track & trace technology pertinent to the implementation of the DSCSA and explore IT-solutions that can be implemented to improve track & trace technology.

Presenter: Sara Barnes
Poster Hall

Single-Use Filling Systems Maximize Filling Line Flexibility and Efficiency
Usage of single-use technologies in both clinical and commercial applications is rapidly growing. A comparison between traditional reusable final fill components and single-use filling systems brings several differences to light. The use of a single-use filling system for each batch greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination between products and the possibility of improperly cleaned/sterilized parts is zero. The replacement of a single-use filling system takes a fraction of the time needed for traditional CIP/SIP processes, providing quicker changeover times between batches, and rendering the facility productive for more hours of the day. While the validation of a single-use filling system is a large undertaking, especially for users with an established reusable part filling method, pre-validated single-use systems help to ease the burden of extensive testing. Single-use for fill/finish allows users to be nimble without sacrificing quality.

Presenter: Dr. Laura Moody
Tuesday April 2nd at 2:15pm
Stage 3, Booth 1376

High Speed Vial Filling Evolves with Latest Technology
Overview of cutting edge technology for 100% in-process control for vial filling and closing with Isolation Technology for aseptic and high potency applications.

Presenter: Jens Konrad
Wednesday April 3rd
IPS Aseptic Tour, Bosch Booth 3305


We look forward to seeing you at Interphex 2019!

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