Combining packaging and sustainability? 

Since 1950, 8,3 billion tons of plastic have been produced. Scientists predict that till 2025 – if the production of plastic continues the same speed as by today – another 34 billion of plastic will be produced.₁

One plastic application is packaging of food and pharmaceutical products. Plastic packaging has continuously been optimized to provide optimum product protection, attractive presentation and ease of use at lowest cost. This is especially true, when it comes to pharmaceuticals, where the best fit of packaging and product is of high importance. Packaging protects the active ingredients of medication, which are often very sensitive and expensive. Additionally, some medication is highly potent, and a secure packaging is needed to protect the people coming in touch with the pharmaceutical during production and in the supply chain until it reaches the patient. While we all appreciate the benefits of good packaging we also have come to understand the environmental burden that comes with it.

This is why Bosch Packaging Technology is constantly striving to improve existing and develop new packaging solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.

One of those innovative packaging styles is a carton including inlay for product fixture completely based on cardboard packaging: Eco | Save | Pack. Instead of using a plastic tray to secure fragile products such as syringes, vials, cartridges, small bottles or ampoules in a carton, the inlay consists of 100 % recyclable mono-material.

How you benefit from our solution
With Eco | Save | pack you can contribute to an environmentally sustainable packaging solution without sacrificing on product protection, attractive product presentation and ease of use. Besides, Eco | Save | Pack provides you with clear saving potentials in production and supply-chain. For instance, inlays and carton trays can be manufactured by a single supplier and the implementation is fast and cost-effective. Hence, the pack style reduces processing steps and saves on investment. In many ways, the product solution proves to be cost-saving in the long term. Since no thermoforming machine is necessary, the solution also reduces necessary floor space. Not only is fewer staff needed for the production process, but expenditures for maintenance and service as well as energy consumption remain low. For practitioners and patients, the package is easy to handle and to open. There is no risk of getting injured at sharp edges. Removing the product from the inlay is ergonomic, while the inlay is held securely in the re-closable carton tray.

Bosch shows how contributing to environment protection by switching to a fully recyclable packaging can be combined with commercial Benefits.

Interested in combining packaging and sustainability? Please contact us.

Ralf Weihbrecht
Sales Director Inspection Technology and Secondary Packaging Europe
Phone: +49 711 811 57489

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