VIS 200/500 – Bosch’s hybrid between manual and automated inspection

As a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical inspection machines, Bosch is proud of its ability to create solutions for a wide range of customer needs.

The semi-automatic visual inspection product line serves as the perfect hybrid between manual inspection (MIH) and automatic inspection (AIM); making it a necessity for mid-range applications. The VIS 200 and VIS 500 are dedicated to the high quality inspection of vials containing liquids, powders and lyophilized products. Both systems feature an ergonomically designed inspection hood and an advanced touch screen control center.

To maximize visual inspection accuracy and create an optimal inspection space, Bosch has included adjustable top and bottom mirrors on both models as well as automatic adjustable inspection roller angles on the VIS 200. While other semi-automatic machines on the market limit angle selection, the VIS 200 provides more flexibility with adjustable roller angles of 30°, 45°, and 60°.

Bosch offers additional machine and versatile infeed and outfeed accumulation options that allow customers to build a suitable solution:

  • 21 CFR Part 11 software package
  • continuous and indexing run modes
  • rotary and bi-flow accumulation for single or multi-VIS configurations
  • reject classification buttons for categorizing and tallying of defects
  • user domain timeouts for operator rest and shift rotation

If batch size has increased substantially where manual inspection has become a bottleneck, then a VIS is the machine for you. Bosch’s semi-automatic system typically inspects five times faster than manual inspection solutions. Vials are seamlessly and repeatedly presented in an optimized viewing area where they are rotated for 360° visual observation. The inspector then manually removes any reject vials by utilizing a foot pedal to pause the roller conveyor. This solution has led to a more effortless process with higher visual inspection rates and less operator fatigue.

The VIS aims to improve inspection quality, maximize flexibility, and increase efficiency.

Watch our VIS systems in action here!

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