Freedom to Choose – Track & Trace Systems for Serialization and Aggregation

Bosch Packaging Technology Track & Trace systems are not only made to meet the highest standard of quality, but are also extremely flexible. These systems can be easily integrated into third party Track & Trace environments. For example, it is now possible to effortlessly manage your complete serial number data handling with a Bosch Packaging Technology Level 3 CPI solution. Specifically, you can link all of your lines, regardless if a Bosch Packaging or a third party Track & Trace supplier builds them. You can also connect to third party systems such as ERPs or warehouse management systems.

Aggregation is another prime example of flexibility within Bosch’s Track & Trace systems. This is an important topic due to the fact that regions, where only serialization is currently required, will likely also require aggregation in the near future. Even though the law may not require aggregation, it is extremely beneficial for the whole supply chain. Bosch Packaging offers versatile solutions that can be integrated into an existing serialization system.
Of course, there are several cases of this. For example, at Level 3 there could be a Bosch Packaging Technology solution or a third-party solution as seen below.




If the Level 3 solution is from a third-party supplier, then we are referring to Case 1. For this scenario, Bosch Packaging Technology has the following machines available to use after a third-party serialization machine or a Bosch machine has been in place.

All of the Bosch Packaging Technology machines are equipped with an IPC, which takes care of aggregation management and allows for easy connection to Level 3. The standardized file based XML interface, enables a seamless connection between Bosch aggregation and a third party Level 3 without any issues. In addition, it is also possible to use the OPC UA interface, which is integrated into all Bosch machines for the exchanging of batch data and commands as well as data for OEE analysis with a third party Level 2 line manager.

As an example, let us have a deeper look into CPA 410 machine aggregation processes. This unit can come equipped with one or multiple camera systems, including auto focus functionalities to read each layer of all the formats without the need of table or camera height adjustments. The HMI and additional status lights will provide a direct feedback to your operator. The CPA 410 ensures a smooth and quick aggregation process for your operators.
The workflow for case aggregation is as follows:

An operator packs a layer of cartons inside a case with all data matrix codes facing upwards. After a layer is complete, the operator will push a case below the camera, triggering the camera via a position sensor. The camera then automatically captures all of the codes in this layer. The packing and code reading process will continuously repeat until the case is complete. After a case is finished, a case label will be printed, applied and manually scanned to finalize the case aggregation.
If equipped with the pallet aggregation functionality, the workflow is as follows:
As soon a case is completed, the case is scanned again before it is moved to the pallet. After all of the cases are finished, scanned again and placed onto the pallet, a pallet label will be printed, applied and scanned manually.


CPA 410 with auto focus to prevent height adjustments for different formats and layers

If Bosch Packaging Technology is managing Level 3, the available solutions for aggregation after a third party serialization machine are the same as Case 1. However, there are two additional stations with extended functionalities regarding warehouse rework. With the corresponding stations it is not only possible to aggregate, but also to change the status from “good” to “bad,” to mark it as a “sample” or to do re-labelling. Bosch offers two machines for this purpose:


All of the stations are user-friendly and include various functionalities making it easier as well as faster for your operators.
Additionally, the third party serialization machine will be connected with Bosch´s Level 3 CPI solution. Within the CPI, both PO´s will be crosschecked.


Bosch CPA 110 with warehouse rework functionality

There are a number of cases and possible solutions that have not been mentioned here. If you are interested to learn more about how Bosch Packaging Technology can support you with the above cases or with other solutions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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