Spoilt for choice: How do I pick the right filling system?

Since every liquid pharmaceutical is different, a number of aspects need to be considered when it comes to pharmaceutical filling. How do the individual parameters determine the selection of the ideal filling system? Tobias Göttler, Product Manager Pharma Liquid at Bosch Packaging Technology, will be answering this question at the PDA Aseptic Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals Conference in South Korea on October 2. In his presentation, he will explore the factors pharmaceutical companies need to bear in mind in order to pick the appropriate filling system for their requirements.

Three important parameters for filling liquid pharmaceuticals

Tobias Göttler will first give an overview of the most common filling systems and their functional principles. He will then discuss how the characteristics of the pharmaceuticals themselves, such as viscosity, toxicity and material compatibility, have to be taken into account. Göttler will also explain how the combination of machine parameters, output and the container can influence the choice of technology. Thirdly, the general project parameters of investment and running costs need to be factored in.

Remaining flexible

“Instead of an unequivocal black-and-white decision, the consideration of all these aspects usually results in a compromise,” says Göttler. “Often the factors are unknown at the beginning of the project, which is why manufacturers want to remain flexible with their choice. With a combined filling station, companies can easily switch between several filling systems and thus keep their options open for different products and requirements.”

Would you like to find out more about the selection of the ideal filling system? Then meet Tobias Göttler at the PDA Aseptic Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals Conference in Incheon, South Korea on October 2, 2019 or contact the Bosch expert directly!



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