A system solution for packaging eye drop vials

Mission accomplished – How automating the packaging process enables pharmaceutical contract manufacturer to increase production and flexibility.

Specialized in sterile manufacturing, a French company provides contract-manufacturing services for liquid eye drop plastic vials to numerous companies. However, to increase production and capitalize on additional contract manufacturing opportunities, they approached Bosch Packaging Systems, based in Beringen, Switzerland, for the acquisition of a fully automated packaging line. With significantly higher output capabilities, they expected to increase production by nearly five-fold. Moreover, the new line was supposed to give the company greater flexibility in meeting the diverse requirements of its customers.

The company manufactures vial cards in bulk, each one consisting of five blow-fill-sealed single-use vials. Because it produces different product shapes and configurations for its customers, it faced a logistical challenge in rapidly packaging the diverse products.

Prior to working with Bosch, the company relied on individual vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machines to package each vial card. However, this approach required vial cards to be manually fed into the system. At peak capacity, production was not fast enough to keep up with current demand, let alone plan for new market expansion.

With Bosch’s complete system solution the company is able to use one type of storage tray for all product formats. The line provides the necessary flexibility to separate the vial cards and package them appropriately according to requirements of each customer. This is a decisive factor in terms of an adjustment of production capacities to present and future market needs.



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