Bosch Podium Presentation at the PharmaEd Extractables and Leachables West Coast Conference


Bosch Packaging Technology is pleased to announce its participation at the 2019 PharmaEd Extractables and Leachables West Conference, to be held in San Diego, CA, on November 18-19, 2019, with a podium presentation by Single-Use Systems Product Manager, Laura Moody, Ph.D.

With publication of the BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) standardized extractables testing protocol, as well as the draft chapter USP <665>, much needed guidance for single-use technology end users and suppliers has been provided. In response to a greater adoption of this standardization as a requirement by pharmaceutical manufacturers, Dr. Moody will discuss how Bosch Packaging Technology is enhancing its existing extractables data to reflect the increasing standardization that end users expect. The presentation will focus on Bosch’s PreVAS single-use filling needles and rolling diaphragm pumps, both integral components during pharmaceutical final fill. Dr. Moody will relay the challenges and outcomes of the new BPOG extractables protocol and how the new data stacks up to the legacy testing. If you currently use PreVAS single-use technology or are interested in making the change from reusable to single-use for final fill applications, don’t miss this event!

Interested but unable to attend? Please contact us to arrange a follow-up meeting. Our subject matter experts are available to engage on your application.


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