“Combi Filling Station” – Multiple filling technologies on a single platform

Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers have increasingly a broad variety of products in their portfolios. With so much product diversity, manufacturers would traditionally need multiple filling lines, each equipped with different filling technologies, to accurately handle their range of liquid pharmaceuticals.

The Bosch solution to this challenge is the combination filling station. The “combi” filling station is a highly flexible filling platform which provides the ability to use multiple filling technologies and dosing units on one pharmaceutical liquid filling machine. The filling station is interchangeable with multiple individual filling units to ensure a very accurate and compatible filling process specific to each product.

There are two possible solutions for combi filling stations: first, the brand-new combi filling “Selection” and second the combi filling “Performance”. While it is possible to choose between the peristaltic pump and time-pressure as an individual filling technology at the “Selection” combi filling station, the “Performance” solution offers additionally the two other systems piston pump and rolling diaphragm pump.

The combi filling station is a great feature for customers requiring multiple filling options based on current product mix characteristics or the planned product pipeline. Are all products water-like or are some relatively viscous? Do some crystalize or contain sugars? What is their sensitivity to shear forces? Are there suspensions or solutions? Whatever the answer to these questions, the entire product portfolio can be processed and handled on one filling station with individual filling units.

The filling system can be customized with multiple filling technologies to perform the best filling processes necessary for the product range.  It can be used as a stainless steel system and as a single-use filling system with a disposable fill path. The footprint remains the same as a regular filling station and no filling trolley is needed for additional filling units.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • maximum flexibility in the choice of filling systems
  • platform can be extended at any time
  • quick and easy retrofitting with adapter kits
  • space-saving: no trolley required
  • two variants: two or four filling systems on one platform
  • also suitable for disposable systems

Maximize the range and flexibility of your line by choosing a “combi” filling station for your future final fill needs.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us. Our subject matter experts are available to engage on your specific application.


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