Auto-injector assembly: Flexible and scalable production is key

Self-administration of drugs on the rise

PCI Pharma Services relies on RRA assembly machine from Bosch Packaging Technology

The injectable drug delivery market has experienced a huge change in recent years. Due to drastic changes in lifestyle and the accompanying increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes, the demand for injectable drugs has been growing for decades. This transformation relates not only to the quantity, but also to the way in which injectable drugs are delivered today.

This development also stems from the fact that self-injectable medicines are no longer used only for diabetes treatments or growth hormone therapies, but also for the increasing number of available parenteral biotherapeutics in oncology.

Auto-injectors help avoid the common risks associated with self-administration via syringes, such as incorrect dosages and misuse, serious injuries and discontinuation of treatment.

Although many injector types have similar components, their design varies in terms of size, material and shape. This is a major challenge, especially for contractors and service providers that produce auto-injectors for pharmaceutical companies worldwide and therefore have to assemble a wide variety of differently shaped auto-injectors.

Looking for an opportunity to further expand their wide range of production capabilities, Biopharmaceutical service provider PCI decided to opt for the flexible RRA assembly machine from Bosch Packaging Technology.

Flexibility is key

PCI needed a solution that enabled them to continue providing excellent service and customized solutions to their clients while also meeting their own requirement for optimized equipment efficiency. For Bosch, this meant that the machine supplied had to allow fast and easy changeovers for any known auto-injector type to ensure the necessary flexibility. At the same time, PCI needed to keep production downtime during format changeovers as short as possible.

PCI and Bosch Packaging decided to go with the design that provides PCI the most flexibility in the long run: a semi-automated RRA that will be used in the serialized line together with an automated cartoner. The RRA from Bosch combines complex functionality with a simple interface and safe assembly, including systematic control processes and inspections to ensure consistent quality, as well as meeting the device assembly instructions provided by end customers. This provides operators with a good process overview for easy monitoring. The machine’s fixture design ensures correct placement of all autoinjector components during the assembly, regardless of their size, material or design.


The semi-automatic RRA from Bosch Packaging Technology allows to implement different auto-injector formats with a fast and tool-free changeover.


Efficient production for high-quality results

The RRA’s key benefits are its ability to implement several auto-injector formats, and the rapid, tool-free changeover time of less than two hours. The RRA also enables PCI to establish a flexible assembly process with a minimum of downtime between batches, which ultimately results in cost-effective and faster production and delivery. Thanks to its automated and flexible alignment, the machine’s utilization rate is very high, which offers PCI a high return on investment within a short time frame.




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