Pharma i 4.0: Leveraging untapped potential

Downtime, product waste and low machine output are all factors that erode efficiency and productivity. It is best to prevent problems before they happen and bring the highest performance to your production. Industry 4.0 digital solutions from Syntegon offer you a wide range of solutions for the entire life cycle of your equipment.


Industry 4.0 solutions ensure transparent production. Have access to important real-time data on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), condition monitoring and important events such as alarms or availability losses. This allows for more effective preventive or predictive maintenance activities and remote service.


Your benefits:

  • Reduced costs through clear transparency
  • Added value through better data
  • Clarity about planning and changes
  • Downtime prevention through early warning system


Click here to view our new video on our Pharma i 4.0 solutions, and click here to view our brochure. Interested in learning how our i 4.0 solutions can work for you? Please contact Dr. Christian Hanisch for more information.

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