Introducing the MIH-IV for infusion bags

Syntegon is happy to introduce the MIH-IV – a manual inspection system that provides an optimal environment for the inspection of infusion (IV) bags.

The MIH-IV features a sliding hook enabling the operator to hang the IV bag for clear direct inspection. The hook easily slides for a seamless transition from one side of the black and white background to the next. Through this motion, agitation of particulate movement is triggered, which enhances inspection capability and operator ergonomics.

The unit includes a large sized background, 18“ x 20“. This was designed to accommodate IV bags up to 2,000 mL (2 liters) and to flexibly meet customer’s multiple needs.

Since IV bags are often considered difficult-to-inspect parenteral products, the MIH-IV comes equipped with adjustable intensity white LED lighting. This light housing has a ten turn position light adjustment with a lock-in knob and pivoting lighting mount.

IV bags are crucial in delivering medications quickly to patients and visual inspection is an essential part of ensuring the safety and quality of the product. Syntegon is proud to add the MIH-IV to our manual inspection product line.


For more information or a quote, please contact:

Francine Vaccari

+1 (201) 458-2277


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